Introduction to Fishing

Fishing is a fast growing sport. I like this sport a lot because it’s a very chill sport. You can relax and have a ton of fun if you fish. Fishing can also get pretty intense because if there is a huge fishing the line, then there will be a fight. I catch and release the fish. I don’t keep the fish.

I became interested in fishing when I was 6 years old. I was so happy when I caught my first fish. My first fish was a smallmouth bass. There was this crazy fish that I caught a year ago. The fish was like 7 pounds and it kind-of looked like a toag. Toag are ugly version of a trout. It was the largest fish I caught in freshwater. The best times to fish is late at night or early in the morning. The best season to fish is in late spring and early summer. Fishing is my second-favorite sport because fishing has a huge reward at the end. I hope all of you will enjoy fishing. What were some of the good moments you had fishing?


12 thoughts on “Introduction to Fishing

  1. Griffin, I too have been fishing for a long period of my life. I find although freshwater fishing can be more calming, deep sea fishing is far more exciting for the patient. The fish tend to be bigger, giving you more of a fight for longer.

  2. Griffin, I’ve been fishing for a long time as well. Every year my family and I rent a cabin in Jackman, ME where we stay and fish for brook trout! It’s tons of fun. What type of fishing do you prefer? One of the good memories I have had fishing was when I went to Tampa Bay, Florida and went deep sea fishing with my dad. We caught many big fish and it was a very fun experience.

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