Weekend of First. Mission’s Accomplished

For the past 8 or 9 years I’ve been fishing with a good friend of mine Ryan Mahsidas. We would bank hop 5 days a week with a spinning rod and a jighead pulling out a snook at damn near every spot we made a stop at. 5 days a week! Years ago pre-freeze we started fishing Flamingo together. Weekend after weekend, we would hitch his carolina skiff at the time up and make the hike to flamingo both saturday and sunday. Long weekends didn’t give us time to rest, but rather another journey to the park.



Times have gotten much busier for the both of us and in a month him and I are lucky if we get on the water together twice a month. Well earlier in the week he asked me to head out to flamingo with him on saturday with him and his lady for some snapper. He plans on having some kind of fish fry for his family so I know he just wanted an extra person on the boat. This was his girlfriends first time making the trek to flamingo so it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t pole around on the skinny alittle bit. Well forecast were checked throughout the week and basically it had a pic of a huge load of crap on saturday. Now everyone knows I jump on the opportunity to cast my fly rod at whatever moves, but with this wind the only thing moving that would get hooked is myself. So sticking to the original game plan of snapper I left the fly rods at home and headed out with Ryan. His girlfriend was in awe with the beauty of flamingo. Its one of those smiles that are sincere and one that not even the toughest of tough guys can control.

blah blah blah we headed onto the skinny early morning in the howling wind. The Northeast wind pumping 25kts never allowed the water on high tide to get onto any flat in the park it seemed. But that sure allowed for some cool sights.


The 3 of us drove around till we found some good water… when we finally did we found some fish playing in the grass. And I mean literally in the grass.

Ryan with a red


I wanna play


Took about a hour to pole a short distance into the wind, but we managed to do so sore shoulders and all.

With the snapper being the original species on the bucket list, thats where we were off to seek. No more than 2 minutes of the boat being shut off, Ely wore those fish out!!!!


The ride home despite the high winds and low water was an enjoyable one. Was Ely’s first time in Flamingo and she was hooked!

Like I said Ryan and I rarely fish both days, but now we wanted to take my brother to flamingo’s backcountry for his first time. He has a passion for fishing, but doesn’t get many opportunities.

This day we planned on going after grouper early in the morning then targeting redfish and snook! success!!!!!!!!

pics will tell the story on what happened.

myself with the lucky pink hat and a keeper grouper


my brother with his FIRST redfish! wasn’t a big guy but we were stoked!!!!!!


And then the snook (couple of these little guys were caught)


lucky hat! peekabooDSC_0262

We tried to get him a tarpon to complete the slam, but with the late start it was time to head home.

wind was howlin’ n yowlin’ y’all


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